Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day 4

07:15: BW = 171.4lbs


10 Rounds:
100m Sprint
100m Walk

Not timed, just trying to get the work done. Managed to pull a hammy on the 8th sprint (seriously, I strained my hamstring, it doesn't feel good).


09:00: 12oz 2-shot Americano.

11:30: 5 Eggs, 4 slices Bacon, 2tbsp Salsa. 18 Cherries.

16:30: 1 serving Sonoma Chicken Salad. 6oz Blueberries.

20:30: El Guadalajara: Steak Fajitas (no rice, beans, or tortillas, just meat, veggies, sour cream & guacamole). 2 Margaritas.

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