Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 3

Forgot to mention how long I would be doing this in my original GOMAD post. 6 weeks (42 days). Today is the first day I got close to adding a gallon to my regular intake. I split a half gallon between my first two meals, then managed to get through about another quart in my last meal.

BW =


Back Squat 131kg x 5 x 3
Bench Press 70kg x 5 x 3
Deadlift 145kg x 5 x 1


0930: 1 Grande Breve Latte

1200: 4 Eggs, 2tbsp Butter, 3 slices Bacon. 5 cups Whole Milk.

1630: 6oz Lamb Leg, Greek Salad (3oz Cucumbers, 3oz Tomatoes, 3oz Black Olives, 1oz Feta, 1tbsp Olive Oil, 1tbsp Red Wine Vinegar). 3 cups Whole Milk.

2030: 8oz Sirloin Steak. Caesar Salad (Romaine, 4tbsp Dressing, 1oz Asiago Cheese). 5 cups Whole Milk. 1 glass Wine.


Jenn said...

What is a gallon of milk gonna do for you?

Craig Cooper said...

Make me fat.

Jeff Lawshe said...

I'm totally confused. Thought milk had the bad sugary carbs (not to mention the indigestible proteins)?

Is there something actually salutary in milk that I'm missing?

Or are you disproving the dairy industry by sacrificing your body?