Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 70

BW = ?


Front Squat 105 x 3 x 6
Overhead Press 67 x 5 x 3
Pull-ups 2.5 x 7, 7, 6

Felt tired and groggy today. First time doing Front Squats in a while, they felt good. Dropped last rep of first and second set of presses, then the fourth rep of the last set. Had nothing in me, and I wasn't as focused as I should have been. Oh well, I still got the work done.


1130: 18 pieces Sashimi, 8 pieces California Roll. 2 cups Whole Milk.

1630: 1 XL Paleo Kit. 4 cups Whole Milk.

2130: The Red Door: Chicken Caesar Salad (no croutons, extra dressing). 1 bowl Clam Chowder. 1 Dirty Vodka Martini.

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