Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Monday, June 8th

BW = ? (probably up, drank a lot in Vegas)


Power Snatch 56 x 1 x 12
Back Squat 136 x 5 x 5
Press 62 x 5 x 3

Made a breakthrough on my snatch today, kept the bar close, felt good. Have lost some ground on my squat, which is to be expected, since I haven't done it in a few weeks. This felt very manageable, can probably jump 3kg next week. Didn't have time to finish 5 sets of press, will have to repeat that weight next time.


All over the place. Didn't have any food at the house, so had to piece together meals all day. Had a burger and caesar salad at the Nickerson Street Saloon to end the day.

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