Friday, February 15, 2008

Day 5

10:00am: BW = 172.5lbs


As Many Rounds In 20min:
25ft Overhead Walking Lunges w/ 75lbs
12 Hang Power Cleans w/ 75lbs
9 Burpees



10:30am: 2 Mediterranean Tuna stuffed Tomatoes (Whole Foods). 4tbsp Almond Butter.

3:30pm: 1 1/4lbs Chinese Pork Spareribs (Whole Foods). 4tbsp Almond Butter. 1 Fuji Apple.

6:30-10:00pm: CrossFit Eastside: Grazing on Celery w/ Ranch, Processed Deli Meat & Cheese. 1 Beer.

Bleh. Ended up spending a lot more time at the CrossFit Total than I anticipated, don't think I managed to make a decent sized meal out of all the grazing, and was too tired afterwards to even think about anything but going to sleep.

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