Wednesday, September 17, 2008

06:30: BW = 169.2lbs


CrossFit Eastside:

Power Snatch practice.

Worked up to a "heavy" double. I'm still very inexperienced with the Snatch, and haven't really made any improvements in the movement since I last did it. I still open up too soon, causing the bar to swing out away from my body.


07:30: 12oz 2-shot Americano.

09:30: 12oz single shot Americano.

11:30: 5 Eggs, 2tbsp Butter, 3oz Guacamole, 3oz Salsa, 5oz Broccoli Slaw. 4oz Figs.

16:30: 5oz Salmon, 8oz sauteed Cabbage & Chantrelle Mushrooms. 1 Mango.

21:30: Taphouse Grill: 1/2 order of
Seared Prawns (with fried peppers and goat cheese sauce). 1/2 order of Giant Prawn Cocktail (salsa, avocado, cilantro mayo). BBQ Baby Back Ribs. 3 glasses Wine.

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TbonMisfit said...

Yeah, the ribs are definitely the best deal at Taphouse. Their steak salad is way O.P.