Monday, February 02, 2009

8 week Fat-loss challenge

I'm taking a bunch of my crew through an 8 week fat-lost challenge, so I figured I would participate to show my support. Today is the beginning of the challenge, and I rented a bod pod to get some initial body composition numbers on everyone. The challenge is an excuse to change some people's nutritional habits, and lose some unwanted bodyfat in the process. The parameters are simple:

Protein intake based on LBM (.7 x LBM in lbs)

"Unlimited" Carbs based on the assumption that fruits and veggies are only Carb sources.

Fat intake starts at 2x Fat (2x baseline Zone prescription based on protein intake (Protein g/7). This number is modified based on success with fat loss, hunger level, etc.

BW = 179.8lbs
FM = 37.1lbs (20.6%)
FFM = 142.7lbs (79.4%)

Based on FFM, I will aim for 100g Protein/day, or 14 blocks (it's actually 14 1/4 blocks, so I'll go a little over each day). I'll start at 28 blocks of fat (84g), and see how long before I'm ravenously hungry and need to ratchet that up. Today was a bust, because I had to man the Bod Pod all day, so had no food prepared, but will start fresh tomorrow.


Back Squat 5 x 5 x 122kg


1130: 1/4cup Macadamia Nuts (24g Fat/8blocks Fat)

1500: 25 pieces Sashimi (~12oz Meat, 84g Protein/12blocks Protein). 1/4cup Macadamia Nuts (24g Fat/8blocks Fat)

2000: 5oz Lamb Leg. Greek Salad (6oz Tomatoes, 6oz Cucumbers, 4 Olives, 1tbsp Olive Oil, 1tbsp Red Wine Vinegar, 1oz Feta Cheese). (5blocks Protein, 14blocks Fat).

Daily Totals: 17blocks Protein, 30blocks Fat.

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