Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 58, Friday, April 17th

BW = ?


Back Squat 150 x 5 x 3
Bench Press 98 x 5 x 3
Power Clean 50 x 2, 60 x 2, 60 x 2, 70 x 2, 70 x 2, 80 x 2, 80 x 1

Felt surprisingly good today. Squats felt light, Bench went up relatively easily. Power Cleans are still frustrating, just not feeling like I'm getting them.


1130: Sonrisa Modern Mex: Ceviche Appetizer. 1 bowl Chicken Tortilla Soup. Espinaca Salad
(Chicken breast stuffed with oaxaca cheese, basil and roasted red bell peppers. Fresh spinach tossed with red onion and cherry tomatoes in a black mission fig-balsamic vinaigrette).

1530: 6 Eggs, 2tbsp Butter, 4oz Salsa. 4 cups Whole Milk.

1630 - 1830: 10 cups Whole Milk.

2000: The Triangle Lounge: Caesar Salad. Cheeseburger. 1 Bloody Mary. 1 Beer.

2200: El Guadalajara: 1 Large Margarita.


For whatever reason, my sleep has been good the past few nights. I'm not going to take ZMA or Taurine, as it was making me wake up several times in the middle of the night. I'm going to stop reporting my sleep until something significant happens.

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