Wednesday, August 15, 2007


BW = 169.3
BF = 13.7%

Bogus. Granted, it's only been 14 hours since I last ate. I doubt it makes THAT much of a difference, but I can't think of why there would be such a huge discrepancy. I think I'm also going to start recording what it says my hydration level is, see if that makes a difference.


3 Rounds:
12 KB Swings @ 32kg
400m Run
2min Rest

1:50, 1:45, 1:50

Switched to 8 Swings on the second and third round.

Max Pushups - 35


1:30pm: 8oz Herb Roasted Turkey Breast. 2oz Cashews. 2cups Dark Chocolate Coconut Bliss (this stuff is awesome. I found it at Whole Foods. The ingredients are: coconut milk, agave syrup, cocoa, vanilla extract. It's a big hit of sugar, but boy is it worth it. 2cups of it, which is half a container, gives you 5 blocks of carbs).

9:00pm: Elephant & Castle: Steak Tips w/ Garlic Mashed Potatoes & Vegetables. Apple Berry Crisp w/ Vanilla Ice Cream.

Obviously my second meal was less than optimal, but I couldn't fit in a meal at all after my first, and then I had to drive someone to the airport, so eating out was my only option. I ended up pretty short on total kcal too, since I only had two meals. The Apple Berry Crisp had oats in it, which means I will have put on some water weight tomorrow, which means my body fat measurement will be off, so I'm not even going to measure tomorrow.

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