Wednesday, December 12, 2007


500m Row
Back Squat @ 60kg
Push Press @ 40kg
500m Row


I forgot how much rowing at the end of a workout sucks. I was sucking wind pretty hard.


8:30am: Spaghetti Squash Carbonara (~8oz Spaghetti Squash, ~7oz Hot Italian Sausage, ~1tbsp Olive Oil, garlic, parsley, ~1 egg).

1:30pm: 1can Coconut Milk, 3cups Strawberries, 2scoops Egg Protein, 2tbsp Cashew Butter.

4:30pm: 6oz Chicken Breast, 7oz Cabbage, 1cup Marinara (good stuff, no added sugar), 3tbsp Olive Oil, 1oz Basil.

The chicken breast with cabbage and marinara is a new recipe, and boy it was good. I forgot how much I like the taste of marinara sauce. The cabbage was surprisingly good with it, especially because I simmered it in mass quantities of olive oil.

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