Friday, March 07, 2008

Thursday, March 6th


800m Run
21 BW Deadlift
21 DB Push Press @ 42.5lbs
600m Run
15 Deadlift
15 Push Press
400m Run
9 Deadlift
9 Push Press


I know I could have done this faster, but this wasn't an ideal situation. I went to a local globo gym to workout with a couple of clients to show them how they can do CrossFit workouts there.


8:30am: 2lbs Jambalaya.

12:30pm: Whole Foods: 1lb Charleston Chicken Salad. 4 Tangerines.

5:30pm: Greenlake Bar & Grill: Grilled Salmon Caesar Salad. 1 Bowl Seafood Chowder.

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