Thursday, April 10, 2008


Playing with Cleans (Haven't gone heavy in a long time)

2 x 70kg
2 x 75kg
2 x 80kg
2 x 82.5kg
1 x 85kg
2 x 85kg
2 x 87.5kg
1 x 90kg

Felt good. I'm pretty sure that's at least 10kg heavier than I've ever cleaned, and they mostly felt good, except when I pyched myself out. Good scoop, felt good triple extension on most of them, good bar speed.


12:30pm: Whole Foods: 1lb Chinese Chicken Salad, Some raw veggies (celery, brocolli, carrots) w/ Spinach Dip.

4:00pm: Chipotle: 1 Barbacoa Burrito, 1 Corona.

8:30pm: The Triangle Lounge: 1bowl Clam Chowder, 1 "Rocket" Sandwich. 3 Beers.

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