Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 2, Preparation Is The Key


As Many Rounds In 15min:
3 Cleans @ 80kg


Interesting workout, started out trying to only rest ~1min in between sets, had to scale it back to ~1 1/2min. Afterwards did:

5min L Arm KB Swings @ 16kg for reps
5min R Arm KB Swings @ 16kg for reps

98, 83

This seemed asinine. I don't feel like I got anything out of it, except for burning forearms.


7:00am: 16oz 3 shot Americano.

10:30am: 5 Eggs, 4 Slices Bacon, 1oz Cotija Cheese, 1tbsp Sour Cream.

5:30pm: 6oz Chicken, 7oz Cabbage, 2oz Slivered Almonds, 1oz Sesame Seeds, Cashew/Macadamia Nut Butter Dressing.

9:00pm: Squash Chili.

Sleep: 23:00 - 06:00

New Recipe:

Squash Chili:
2lbs Ground Beef
4cups Diced Acorn Squash
2cups Sliced Mushrooms
1cup Chopped Onion
4tbsp Olive Oil or Butter or Coconut Oil
Chili Powder

Brown beef, toss in rest of ingredients, reduce heat, simmer until squash is tender but not mushy. Makes 4 servings for me.


TbonMisfit said...

How big is your interpretation of diced? (Or better, how many squashes)?

Craig Cooper said...

I usually use 2 small (size of two fists) squashes, which is always plenty.