Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm back baby

My training has been a mess lately given my current situation, (I'm gymless until July 1st) but I've still been working out at least 3x/week. Starting next Tuesday, May 27th, I will resume regular posting of my workouts and nutrition habits. My goals starting that date are as follows:

- Maintain my metabolic conditioning as best I can through outdoor workouts w/ bodyweight, dumbell, & kettlebell exercises.

- Attempt to manipulate Tim Toliver's coaching on Mondays & Wednesdays to meet my strength training needs (these two workouts are my only exposure to Maximal Effort opportunities).

- Get back on track nutritionally (low-ish carb (only enough to fuel metabolic efforts; ~100g/day).

- Limited caffeine consumption (2 Americanos/week max)

- Sufficient sleep (at least 6 hours/night)

I will track daily, including weekends. I will continue to expand my recipe database. I will be tracking my caffeine consumption. I will be tracking my sleep.

See everyone on Tuesday : )

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