Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Day 8


Playing with Overhead Squats for sets of 5:

20-40-50-60-65-70 x 4-77 x 3

My shoulders were pretty fried from Tabata Push Pressing yesterday, so this wasn't my best performance.


08:30: 16oz 3-shot Americano w/ Cream.

11:30: 5 Eggs, 4 slices Bacon, 1oz Cotija Cheese, 3tbsp Salsa.

15:30: Whole Foods: 8oz Apricot Glazed Turkey. 8oz Spinach Strawberry Salad.

21:00: Hale's Ales Pub: 1 bowl Salmon Chowder (too many potatoes). 14oz Rib Eye Steak. Walnut Brownie w/ Ice Cream.

Sleep: 23:30 - 07:30

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