Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Forget the days, I'm just trying to survive


Every Minute, on the Minute, for 30min:
5 double KB Clean & Press @ 16kg/KB
5 V-ups

Made it all the way through, even switched to 20kg KBs for the last 7 rounds.


07:00: 16oz 3-shot Americano.

11:00: 6 Eggs. 5 slices Bacon. 1oz Cotija Cheese.

18:30: Blue Moon Burgers: Double Bypass Burger. Blue Shroom Burger.


Ryan Laureau said...

Craig, how about an invite to Wheres Craig? I know what you are up to, and think it is great, I can only imagine that with someone as determined as you and focused, the success you will create together with Heather, this has got to be the best thing for you both!
Take care and good luck,

Burger Boy said...


A Double Bypass and a Blue Shroom Burger ... this is a great experiment.

Keep up the good work!!

Charlie & Nick
The Boys from Blue Moon Burgers - Fremont

DB said...

Great to see you this AM..